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Catch 22

Hulu Catch 22 Aerial Experience

Hulu 31st October, 2019

When Catch 22 asked us for something BIG... we delivered!

Emerald Coast

Emerald Coast Unveils Football Field Sized Aerial Advertisement

Emerald Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau 3rd February, 2019

As the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams battled it out on the football field on Sunday, February 3rd, 2019, there was no competition in the skies over Atlanta this weekend. An aerial advertisement nearly the length of an NFL football field owned the skies for the 150,000 out-of-town visitors and more than a million people that attended events related to Super Bowl LIII. That is why Emerald Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau opted to fly their message reminding families where their next vacation should be.

Café Royal

Café Royal coffee capsules dropped from helicopters

HorizonT 5th June, 2018

Café Royal surprised visitors to the "The Flying Dutch" music festival in Eindhoven with a completely new way of product sampling: matching the name of the festival, coffee capsule product samples flew down from the sky on parachutes.

Dubai World Record

Dubai sets new record with largest aerial screen

Gulf News Society 13th March, 2018

The largest aerial projection screen took to the skies in Dubai and into the Guiness World Record book. The record-breaking feat was set by real estate developer wasl Asset Management Group in celebration of the Year of Zayed.

Remarkable Media at SuperBowl

Remarkable Media Owns Aerial Marketing at Super Bowl LII

Digital Journal 1st March, 2018

At Super Bowl LII, you only needed to look up to know that Remarkable Media owned aerial marketing at the event. With an advertising message digitally printed in HD quality on a 20,000 square foot banner towed by a helicopter.

Philadelphia sky joins parade celebration

Philadelphia sky joins parade celebration

The Score 8th February, 2018

Philadelphia sky joins parade celebration, with 5 planes print messages in the sky within minutes. Sky Billboards stretch 5 miles across the sky and occupy 33 million square feet of space.

2017 Digital OOH Awards

WINNER Best in Show for record breaking flying video screen

Campaign Brief 7th November, 2017

Australia's Remarkable Media has taken out Best in Show at the MediaPost Digital OOH Awards for its record breaking digital flying video screen to promote the MTV Video Music Awards.

Star Wars Sydney

Giant red lightsaber flies by Sydney Opera House, thrilling 'Star Wars' fans

Mashable 10th October, 2017

The force was strong with Sydney on Tuesday. In a one-off moment that'd make a porg... roar?, a giant red lightsaber flew past the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday night, to promote the Dec. 14 release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

USS Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery spacecraft flies across New York City

CBS NEWS 24th September, 2017

The U.S.S. Discovery starship flew over New York City Saturday night, promoting the new CBS show bearing its name. The re-creation of the new "Star Trek" series' spacecraft's voyage occurred about 24 hours before the first episode.

Disney ABC

ABC secures domestic rights to Remarkable Media's Aerial Tech

ABC 16th August, 2017

ABC’s Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales team, a division of ABC National Television Sales, announced an exclusive relationship with Remarkable Media, an innovative aerial media and experiential company.

MTV Hudson River

A chopper just projected video onto a giant screen towed by another chopper

Wired 28th August, 2016

If you watched the night skies over New York City on Wednesday, you might have seen a UFO. It zoomed over the Hudson River like a colossal ghost—a ghost that looked like Ariana Grande.

Disney ABC

MTV helicopters beam video of Ariana Grande set world record for Largest Aerial Projection Screen

Guinness World Record 2nd September, 2016

MTV has set a new promotional bar for its colossal introduction to the Video Music Awards, officially snagging the record for the largest aerial projection screen.

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