Night Time Video
Helicopter Banners

Dominate the night sky and wow the crowds with the magic of flying cinema screens. We combined augmented reality and live projection mapping to create a world first. Our world record breaking technology tracks the banners position in 3D space and enables the second helicopters projectors to lock onto the screen. We call it 'Augmented Projection'.

Size: 65m (213ft) wide

Available worldwide

Day Time Printed
Helicopter Banners

Get impact and reach above places you never thought possible with our massive flying billboards. Ideal for brands that want to target high profile events and cover a huge geographic area. HD digitally printed, and hand sewn, jumbo helicopters banners are made to last and are guaranteed for the lifetime of your campaign.

Size: from 53m (175ft) wide - 100m (328ft) wide

Available worldwide


Welcome to Dronevertising - Get up close and personal with this incredible technology! With unmatched proximity to your audience, we are able to make your message and brand unmissable. After 2 years of research and design we are proud to launch our latest technology utilizing 400cc petrol powered heavy lift drones.

Size: from 25m (82ft) wide

Available worldwide


CBS Interactive and Remarkable Media took PR to new heights while promoting the CBS All Access original drama series, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Remarkable Media conceptualized, designed, built, and flew a replica of the U.S.S. Discovery. A Blackhawk helicopter towed the two-ton, 50-foot long model over the Hudson River.

Persistence of
Vision Technology

A replica of Kylo Ren’s infamous red cross guard lightsaber -measures over 250 feet and featured 10,800 hand soldered LEDs, was visible across the city to everyone with a direct eye-line of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It included some world first optical imaging technology that projected a message to book tickets to the new movie which could be seen from 360 degrees.


5 planes linked with a hotspot print messages in the sky within minutes. Sky Billboards stretch 5 miles across the sky and occupy 33 million square feet of space. Perfect for tailgating at sporting events, music festivals and beach campaigns.


Cafe Royal and Remarkable Media partnered with Alda Events to integrate a Airdrop Sampling program at The Flying Dutch music festival in the Netherlands. Over 1,000 coffee samples were airdropped from a branded helicopter over the crowd at the coffee lounge on the beach. Cafe Royal products were also integrated in the food court in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven locations.

"When we're looking for innovation we turn to Remarkable Media"

James Tamanika Agency Director at Ooh! Edge

Ooh! Edge specialises in connecting brands to audiences through experience across Australian shopping centres, cafés, CBD office towers, airports, universities, gyms and sport centres.

"It was just an amazing experience to behold!"

Dario Spina CMO @ VIACOM Velocity

Viacom Velocity is a full-service marketing and creative content team within the Viacom Marketing & Partner Solutions group, built to super-serve our advertising partners.

Nikki Leynor

SVP Brand Strategy

Nikki is our brand strategy leader. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Fashion, Entertainment & Ecommerce Tech and a passion to help brands engage and connect with their consumers in ways never done before. Nikki will do whatever it takes to ensure your brand reaches people on mass with targeted messaging, through record breaking activations! more...

Simon Powell

Co-Founder / CEO

Simon has a passion for delivering the unexpected. Remarkable Media is a fusion of bringing to life real technical innovation and combining these on the largest stages of all to bring the ‘Wow’ factor back into the world of experiential media. With a background in banking and finance, Simon has the exciting challenge of managing a global team, with the envious job of bringing Ryan’s creative genius to life on budget! more...

Ryan Osbourne

Co-Founder / Chief of Innovation

Ryan is the creative guru at Remarkable Media. He has a broad and varied background in everything from film production, aerial advertising, software development and large scale event management. His exceptional technical knowledge combined with his insatiable appetite to create unique experiences for brands, makes him an essential asset to the team at Remarkable Media. more...